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Flight Operations BIG DATA

  • Any ECCAIRS or ADREP data

  • Delay Codes (ALL)

  • Flight Safety Events

  • FDM exceedances

  • Operational Indicators (e.g., sheduled vs actual time departures, month, day-week etc.)

  • Pilot Simulator data (only 100% deidentified)

  • Training data (only 100% deidentified)

  • Airport Indicators

  • Crew data (e.g., crew rostering, age and A/C experience) (only 100% deidentified)

  • METAR and similar

  • ATC data traffic and similar

  • Airport Traffic data and similar

  • Other Data on Request

Minimum Hypothesis to test

  • Identify new risk/s and risk patterns?

  • Review known risk/s and risk patterns?

  • Prediction?

  • Benchmark?

  • KPI verification

  • data quality inspect

Minimum data screening

  • 1 year of Flight Operations data per single fleet (minimum 500 operations)


Basic data Requirements

  • NDA on data access

  • Access to multiple datasets (across departments)

  • Point of contact for data sets

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